Why It Is Better to Have Your Car Windows Tinted by Skilled Professionals

Tinting your car windows does not only enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle, but it also significantly improves visibility by reducing glare.  In addition, it keeps the interior cool, helps block the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun  that can cause skin cancer, and it provides an additional safeguard against potential harm caused by shattered glass during a collision.

However, if you are serious about tinting your car windows, consider having it done by an experienced professional instead of doing it yourself. Although there are affordable car tint kits as well as pre-cut tint films available on the market for virtually every vehicle type and model, there is really no substitute for having your car windows tinted professionally.

An auto body shop skilled in window tinting can actually help you avoid costly mistakes by selecting a tint that is in full compliance with state regulations.  Every state has a different set of rules governing which parts of a vehicle can be tinted and how dark the tint can be. If you fail to comply with these regulations and apply a tint film with a VLT (Visual Light Transmission) percentage that is lower than prescribed by law, you run the risk of being pulled over and fined.

In addition, having your car windows tinted professionally by a reputable auto body shop ensures that the work is done properly from the outset.  The process is more complex than it might appear.  It requires preparing the glass surface by cleaning it meticulously with a special solution before applying the tint film, measuring and precise cutting of the film to custom fit each separate window using a special cutting tool, as well as careful handling and positioning of the film during the application process to avoid unsightly bubbles, gaps, creases or wrinkles. Once the tint film has been correctly applied it must be allowed to dry completely for about 24 hours. If all steps are done properly, it will not only make the tint last longer but will give your vehicle a truly polished look.

Naturally, any errors made during the application process will require painstakingly peeling the delicate film without damaging the glass surface before applying a new film. This is not only time consuming but could also permanently damage the electric filaments that run through the rear window of your vehicle and are designed to defog and melt ice in winter.

So, even though tint kits and pre-cut tint films might initially seem more cost-effective, in the long run you are better of using the services of skilled professionals, especially since many reputable auto body shops specializing in window tinting offer a lifetime warranty.


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