What Alcoholics Go Through in an Alcohol Rehab Center

People who have an alcohol addiction are afraid of going through the painful withdrawal when they quit drinking. Alcohol withdrawal is called detoxing and causes symptoms like chills or sweats, upset stomach, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, irritability, and depression as the body adjusts to not having alcohol. The symptoms last a few days in most cases.

Alcohol Rehab Center Staff

An alcohol rehab center is staffed with doctors who examine patients when they come in and talk to them about what to expect during withdrawal. There are facilities that give patients drug to cope with the symptoms and those that don’t. Any good alcohol rehab center will be staffed with people who can help the addicts cope with withdrawal as well as they can.

After the addicts go through withdrawal, doctors often discover medical problems that the Drug and Alcohol Rehab caused and these must be dealt with in crack withdrawal order for the addicts to start to move through recovery and get sober. Alcoholics often are diagnosed with nutritional deficits after they go through withdrawal. The body needs proper nutrition so it has energy and so the body and the organs can function properly.

People who have an alcohol addiction generally don’t eat the way they should and are usually lacking the nutrients that they need to have energy and so their bodies are able to function. Drinking a lot of alcohol can change the way the body digests, stores, uses, and excretes nutrients.

Alcohol can also cause other health problems including gouty arthritis, an increased risk of developing liver, pancreas, rectum, breast, pharynx, esophagus and other cancers, high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease, problems with blood lipids, and an increased risk of strokes. Alcohol is most likely to cause hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver and kidney disease, though. There will be doctors at the alcohol rehab center who can help patients do what it takes to get healthy so they can go through the rest of their recovery.

After addicts start to feel physically healthy again, they are able to figure out what it as that caused them to start drinking, why they developed an addiction, and why they were not able to stop even though they knew how it was negatively affecting them, their family, and everyone who cared about them. Therapists at the alcohol rehab center are able to work with the addicts to figure all this out even though it is difficult and takes a lot of strength.

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