US Vehicle Export Procedures – Preexport Considerations

Basically there are two main reasons for exporting a vehicle. For private use abroad or a sales transaction. Private use includes but are not limited to military personnel serving a tour of duty overseas, corporate personnel, non military government employees and the like. Documentation requirements may vary slightly for each type of export transaction. Your employer will more than likely advise you on these matters.

What about import requirements for the country which you are shipping the vehicle to? If the vehicle is for your personal use while abroad, the U.S. Embassy in the country where you will temporarily reside may be able to get the answers for you if you are a U.S.citizen or resident.

Sales transactions are considered commercial whether conducted by individuals or business. Export requirements vary slightly. There are certain countries, individuals and organizations where commercial export trade is restricted or not allowed. For example: The Bureau of Industry and Security under the Department of Commerce Publish what is known as the “Denied Parties List”. This is a list of overseas dmv las vegas individuals and organizations that U.S. exporters are not to do business with. The United States have embargoes and sanctions against certain countries.These embargoes and sanctions are enforced by The Office of Foreign Asset Controls under the Treasury Department. Exports may be limited by commodities or not allowed at all. Before presenting a vehicle for export as a commercial transaction, it is recommended that these requirements be given your attention.

Documents you should have in hand before presenting a vehicle for export for your personal use are a certificate of title if you own the vehicle free and clear of a lien and an invoice showing the current fair market value of the vehicle. If there is a lien holder, a special formatted letter is required from them authorizing export. There are certain situations where a lien holder may not authorize export of a vehicle such as for travel abroad unless the vehicle owner can find insurance to cover the vehicle. Your certificate of registration should be presented along with the approval letter if export is authorized by the lien holder.

In a sales transaction, it is expected that the exporter is the sole owner of the vehicle for export purposes. If the exporter is an individual, he or she should be in possession of an up to date certificate of title issued by a State’s Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent. In the case where a foreign person visiting the U.S. purchases a new vehicle from a manufacturer or dealer, a manufacturer’s statement of origin from the manufacturer or dealer will suffice.

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