Perfumes and Colognes: From Ancient Times Until Today

Perfumes and Colognes are essential parts of a cosmetic collection that are found in every home. Women and men enjoy all the different fragrances that are available to them in perfumes. These are worn as an extra, as a way of smelling nice, as well as attractive.

Years ago perfume was used to cover up bodily odors. A long time ago, people did not have private showers and baths that we are used to nowadays. There were community bathhouses, and people did not usually bathe themselves more than once a week. Therefore, perfumes and colognes were necessary, in order to mask the odors of sweat and dirt. Now, perfumes are an accessory, of which all women have many.

Perfumes can be traced back to Ancient times. In the Early Ages of Egypt, tom ford cherry perfume were used mostly by the Pharaohs and Gods for religious and spiritual reasons. It was during the Golden Age of Egypt that perfume became available for all to use. These perfumes were mostly emollients and creams (

The first liquid perfumes were invented by he Greeks, although these were very different from the perfumes we know today. Their perfumes were fragrant powders mixed with heavy oils, without any alcohol.

Gradually over the centuries perfumes were becoming more popular, and their use became more widespread, particularly among the rich. In France, when Louis XV came to the throne in the 18th century, his court was called “le cour parfumee”, “the perfumed court”. King Louis demanded a different fragrance for his apartment everyday, to be applied not only to the skin but also to clothing, fans and furniture. Perfume substituted soap and water (

In England, perfume reached its peak during the reigns of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. All public places were scented during Queen Elizabeth’s rule (

The modern-day perfumes were created during the nineteenth century. This was made possible by the advancement of modern chemistry, and the ability to create scents that were more affordable to the public (

It was during the twentieth century that perfumes became the most popular, and began to be mass-produced. There are now five different categories of perfumes available. Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau der Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Eau Fraiche. They are categorized by the percentage of essential oils found in the fragrance; Perfume containing the most. There are also many body lotions, creams, and aftershaves which contain perfume concentrates, but have a more subtle scent (

The modern woman has many types of perfumes in her cosmetics collection. According to some estimates, women have at least six types of perfumes and fragrances.

Most men also use scented colognes, although their use is not up to the level as in the feminine world.

The market today has a huge range of hundreds of types of perfumes and colognes. The industry is worth ten billion dollars ( It is worth checking into the various products on offer, as the customer will usually be awed by the amount of whats available.


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