Pallet Your Product the Right Way

If you’ve ever ordered a large amount of product or even bought an item from the store, then you have come in contact with an item that was shipped using pallets. Pallets are normally square wooden structures that are used to carry supplies/products on top of them. The items are stacked on top of the pallet and are normally wrapped heavily in plastic to keep the stack from toppling. Pallets are used for shipping because without them you’d have two almost impossible options. You’d either have to ship all your items separately, which would take forever to load and unload or you could wrap all your items, but it would be impossible to load or unload because it would be too heavy to lift by hand, but products would be easily damaged using a fork lift. Using pallets is really the only way to go. There are a few different types of pallets including wooden and plastic. Each has their advantages and disadvantages for you to take into consideration.

Traditional is Traditional for a Reason

The traditional structure for pallets is wood. Wooden pallets pallet company in Jacksonville may not be pretty, but they’re practical. Wooden pallets are easy to manufacture and are therefore cheaper to purchase. Wood is an easy material to come by and is easy to assemble into a pallet. Therefore you aren’t paying for the cost of manufacturing the pallet as you would be with a higher quality pallet. Wood is very sturdy and you won’t have to worry about your products being damaged by a collapsing pallet. If you’re looking for a cheap, sturdy option, wood is the way to go.

Consider Going with Plastic

Plastic pallets are not used as often as wooden pallets as they are a little more expensive. Sanitation is a major reason to use plastic pallets instead of wooden ones. If something were to spill on a wooden pallet, it would soak in and you’d have to worry about bacteria growing. Plastic pallets are easily washable and you don’t have to worry about a dirty pallet for your clean items. Wooden pallets are also a breeding ground for insects. Insects love to live in and on wood. Plastic pallets keep insects away. Pallets made of plastic are also stackable. When stacked, they take up a lot less space than wooden pallets do. Wooden pallets have to stack on top of each other while plastic ones stack into each other.

Pallets are a necessity when it comes to product and goods services. Transporting items without pallets would be nearly impossible as your product could be damaged and/or it would take hours to load and unload (which is labor hours adding to your cost of shipment). When choosing a type of pallet that’s right for you, you’ll want to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of both wooden and plastic pallets. They are both widely used and work for different people and different items. It is up to you to decide which you would prefer to use.

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