There are many things to consider when searching for a pair of sunglasses. If you want your shades to look great on you, these factors must be considered. You should begin with the shape of your face.

If you have a rounder face, you should avoid large round lenses. Rectangular or oval lenses work well for this type of face. Generally, the rounder the face, the more you want the sunglasses to slenderize your features. Sunglasses with brow bars do this well, and be sure to choose glasses that are wider than the widest part of your face.

If you happen to have a longer, more slender face, you want to be sure your cool sunglasses do not highlight these characteristics. Round or square lenses will work well with these features. If you have a more oval-shaped face, any frame and lens style will likely work well.

Skin tone should also affect the polarized sunglasses for men you choose. Frames that are red or brown work well for lighter tones, but blue, green and black should be avoided, as should clear frames. Darker complexions will find brown frames are best along with metallic frames. Complexions between the two will do well with metallic colors as well as clear frames, but black should be avoided if possible.

Next, you will need to consider your hairstyle when choosing your sunglasses. Those with short hair may want to try bolder, more adventurous styles of glasses. With longer hair, you will want to consider how the frames look with your hair both up and down. Curly hair tends to work well with smaller, more delicate frames.

Of course, just like all accessories, you must consider how well the sunglasses go with what you will be wearing. The color and style of the frames, as well as the tint of the lenses, should coordinate well with your clothes. Also, women must consider any jewelry that will be worn with the sunglasses. Basically, treat your shades as you would any other part of your ensemble.

All of this, however, must always take into account your personality. While everything may indicate that a toned down, inconspicuous pair of sunglasses is best, if you have a flamboyant or outgoing personality, you might have to amp-up the glasses you choose. Your mood will also affect the choice. If you will be standing back and blending in, something conservative is in order. If you plan to be the life of the party, your shades must make that statement as well.

Speaking of parties, you must also consider what activities you will be enjoying while wearing the sunglasses. If you are playing sports, you will need something functional that can handle a lot of action. If attending an outdoor wedding, you will need something dignified and refined.

No matter where you are going or what you are doing, you can find a wide assortment of styles to fit your needs. Matching these to your face, hair and wardrobe can be tricky, but with so many choices, finding the perfect shades will be a fun adventure!

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