Four Reasons to Choose a Professionally Managed Vacation Rental

After hours of online research, you finally find your dream vacation rental. You’ve poured over the photos, reviewed the location and sighed in relief when you found that the “too good to be true” pricing was, in fact, the rate you had hoped for. With a great deal at a property that suits your needs, it might seem tempting to rent a home online directly from an owner bureau voor marktonderzoek, rather than booking through a professional management company. But before you nix the peace of mind that comes with a reputable manager, consider these drawbacks to going DIY.


Vacation homes rented by owner – even those listed through sites like Airbnb and other RBO style services – often fail to secure a Certificate of Occupancy. This means that the properties offered have likely not passed the same safety inspections that professionally managed properties must undergo, including regulations for smoke detectors, hot tubs and other aspects of the home. A Certificate of Occupancy also ensures that a property is rented according to local laws.


If the cleanliness of your bed sheets is important to you, you may want to rethink slipping under the covers at an owner-managed vacation rental. Where the standard among professional property managers is to industrially clean sheets with hotel-grade washing machines that reach much higher temperatures than standard home models, independent owners may not have the access — or the inclination — to reach these standards.


Should you check into an owner-managed vacation rental only to find a plumbing issue or broken heat, it could quickly become a very rough vacation. Choosing a professional manager gives you the peace of mind that if something does go wrong – even something as minor as a confusing TV remote or a missing towel – someone will be there to help you. Often times, the simple option of asking for assistance makes staying with a professional manager worth it.


Travelers often site the personality or charm of a vacation rental as a reason for staying at a private home rather than a hotel. A professional property manager offers the best of both worlds, allowing guests to choose a unique home without sacrificing the safety and support of a reputable company. Many property managers even offer hotel-like services, including housekeeping, shuttle service and concierge service. While on vacation, you may not want to think about the details of dinner reservations or the drudgery of washing dishes. A professionally managed home lets you enjoy your vacation without staying in the cookie-cutter environment of a hotel.

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