Effects of Chewing Tobacco

Chewing of tobacco, also called smokeless tobacco, is equally dangerous, if not more than actually lighting up a cigarette. There are times that people might be under the myth that it is a safe alternative but that is not the case. The habit of chewing tobacco can be an extremely addictive habit that you get into once and you can be hooked. Even if you find out how dangerous it is, it becomes difficult to let go of the habit.

Also it might have never crossed your mind but the fact remains that chewing tobacco contains tons of cancer causing harsh chemical in it. It contains a host of chemicals that will bring on the worst possible kinds of cancers. If you are conscious of your health and want to lead a long and healthy life, then this is one thing that you will avoid for certain.

Effects of chewing tobacco multiply over a period of time as the body gets attuned to the habit. It has an extremely detrimental effect on your teeth. It stains Buy pipe tobacco online them and causes a whole lot of cavities and decay. It is also one of the major caused for bad breath. Chewing of tobacco can bring on mouth cancers and affect the lungs severely.

The statistics indicate that there are 30,000 cases of new oral cancer patients being detected every year in the US. Every year almost 9,000 people die of these cancers. Men are more affected by the effects of chewing tobacco then women.

Also, the chewing of tobacco can go on to make your gums weak and also decrease the ability to taste and smell. This means that food no longer has the right kind of appeal to it and therefore the person tends to lose appetite. This in turn will bring about nutritional and vitamin deficiency which will lead to a host of other concerns. Chewing of tobacco will also go on to affect the other parts of the mouth such as the entire oral cavity, the larynx, pharynx and the esophagus. Long term continuous users of chewing tobacco are putting themselves more at a risk of dangers that are linked with it. There can also be gum recession and also the tooth being exposed and falling finally. This will also cause teeth to be sensitive to hot and cold things and get discolored. There can also be higher blood pressure and heart palpitations.

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