Datamax Thermal Barcode Printers – The New Standard for Printing Solutions

Datamax has a strong lineup of thermal barcode printers who have their own identity and reputation in the market. The highest selling printers include The M-Class Mark II thermal barcode printers and the I-Class printers.

M-Class Mark II thermal barcode printers are compact industrial strength printers that bring to the table, immense power and strong performance. It is best suited for fulfilling printing needs in industrial environments. It can even well in demanding commercial setting wherein the space is small. It has a host of powerful standard features and flexible add-ons which makes it open for different types of applications.

The M-Class printer family features a solid die-cast metal construction and a large display which easily sets it above its competitors. This printer series is extremely superb for a ruggedness and reliability. The display helps the user to navigate through the inbuilt menus easily. It is flexible enough to suit different business requirements. Not surprisingly, The M-Class 4206 offers the best in its class!

The I-Class thermal barcode printer line is one of the Quantity of printed materials needed most affordable yet comprehensive printing solutions compared to other printing solutions found presently in the market. DMX-I-4208, I-4212 and I-4406 offer one of the best printing solutions ever. The printers are available in varying resolutions and print speeds while its accessories are easily installable and removable. The enhancements are plug-and-play typeset for the printer’s rear card space. All I-Class printers feature the same innovative design and are scalable for different needs. It is perfect as am ideal printer for large, multinational operations. The ease of use makes the product which is preferred by many and it actually delivers on botht performance and value.

Some of the famous I-Class models are:

DMX I-4208

This model is certainly the best example for a balance in performance and speed! DMX-I-4208 is well suited for industrial settings as well as for desktop use due to its innovative design characteristics and great engineering. The toughest printing assignments can be met as the product incorporates many standard features which are just found as added extras in the competitive market.

DMX I-4212

This model is perfect for large volume applications and has a very high print speed of up to 12 inches per second. It is the fastest printer in the series along with the fastest label through put. This model is superb in terms of its rugged precision and fast speeds and should be chosen for mission critical printing applications.


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