Cloud-Based Unified Communications – An Eco-Friendly Solution

Earth Day has come and gone, but that is no reason not to continue to being earth-friendly! In the telecom industry, it’s no big secret that audio conferencing and web conferencing can dramatically cut your travel time and expenses – virtual meeting rooms replace the rides to the airport, daily/weekly parking fees if you drive there yourself, hotels, meals, etc. – but many overlook the fact that those services also radically shrink your business’s carbon footprint.

For years, InterCall has been a leader in the global conferencing market. In 2010 alone they provided an impressive 20 billion+ minutes of conferencing which resulted in eliminating several tons of pollutants and emissions – the eco-friendly cherry on top of the customer savings sundae.

And they don’t stop there.

InterCall leveraged its decades of managed and avaya ip phone hosted services experience and has been strategically designing and creating services and solutions that also make them a leader in the Unified Communications industry. InterCall’s team of professionals assist companies in choosing, migrating, and employing cloud-based Unified Communications solutions in a hybrid or fully hosted environment. Now you might be wondering: what makes cloud-based services and solutions “green”? Well read on friends! The answers are below:

Less Energy

The larger your business’s server room, the higher the amount of cooling it requires. By moving your server to the cloud, you cut not only cooling costs, but the greenhouse gas emissions that emit from your cooling system. In turn, your business’s energy bills as well as pollutants from energy sources are significantly decreased. InterCall encourages companies looking to lessen their carbon footprint to opt for data centers that employ renewable or cleaner energy.

Less Hardware

Cloud-based solutions deliver storage, applications, and more in a virtual environment via the Internet, which results in a reduced need for on-premise servers. While the need for servers is not completely eliminated due to the fact they are used in the cloud, the numbers of individual servers manufactured for each business is considerably cut back. This, in turn, notably cuts the output of waste and pollution for everything from the amount of materials and energy it takes to produce the servers all the way to their packaging and delivery.

InterCall is the world’s largest conferencing provider with powerful services and solutions – including its Unified Communications solutions – provide a positive environmental impact in addition to boosting your company’s productivity and cutting costs. To find out more about InterCall’s many products and services, and discover the ideal solution for your unique business needs, contact one of our professional account managers today!


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